Councilor for the Economy: The financing reform does not admit any further delays

Image result for reformSeville, June 28 (EFE) .- The Minister of Economy and Finance, Antonio Ramírez de Arellano, has argued that the reform of the regional financing model “does not admit any delays or delays” because Andalusia can not “continue to support indefinitely” underfunding of the fundamental services.

“The great priority in the remainder of the term will be to start negotiations, dialogue about the reform of the model, which does not allow for further delays or delays,” he said during his appearance before the Economy and Finance Commission of the Andalusian Parliament to inform on the lines of action of his department until the end of the legislature.

He recalled that the only proposal that is on the table at the moment about the reform of the model is the document approved by the Parliament of Andalusia with the support of all political groups, except Citizens, and has ensured that it is “perfectly transferable” to the rest of the autonomous communities.

“We hope that once the processing of the State Budgets is completed, we will begin to address this issue, which is of vital importance for Andalusia,” he remarked.

At the insistence of the opposition groups, the counselor has indicated in the turns of reply and rejoinder that he expects that the call of the Fiscal and Financial Policy Council (CPFF) is “immediate”, and has ensured that if it were not so They will ask, although he recalled that the Finance Minister, María Jesús Montero, has said that there will be two meetings before August.

In his opinion, there are “expectations” that the dialogue will start immediately “because the minister said she will” work tirelessly to try to provide adequate funding for the “fundamental services, although she added that” obviously, can guarantee that there will be an agreement. “

For this reason, he has relied on the Andalusian Parliament to “reaffirm” the need for a negotiation “with urgency” and that this contributes to its occurrence “with the utmost speed”.

At the same time, he has proposed that all groups ask their political forces in Madrid to “get involved” and move their approaches because they are “absolutely fair”.

“Delaying a response harms Andalusia and, as a result, harms Spain,” he stressed, after which he has guaranteed that in future negotiations, the Board will “insist on the same criteria” contained in the document approved by Parliament .

He clarified, in view of the concern expressed by some opposition groups, that the Board does not share “bilaterality” in the negotiation of the financing model, as opposed to what has been argued that “a broad agreement on the definition of the portfolio of public services to guarantee social cohesion “.

On the challenges of his department until the end of the legislature, has indicated that it will “take advantage until the last minute” to complete the “roadmap” marked, so that the budgets for 2019 will “concentrate” resources in health, education and social services, while policies aimed at improving competitiveness will be reinforced.

Balanced Distribution

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The Ministry of Economy is also working to achieve a “balanced distribution” of regional allocations of European funds of the new financial framework, while has promised that imminently will launch the Office against tax fraud, pending the opinion of the Advisory Council.

He has also confirmed that the Board will soon return to the financial markets to “diversify” the funding sources and obtain “sufficient financial autonomy”.

PP spokesman, José Antonio Miranda, has questioned whether the Board will accept a bilateral negotiation of the financing model and if it will require the minister to convene the CPFF.

It has also been interested in whether they will request a different distribution of the deficit targets, as claimed by Montero, and a methodology on the expenditure rule, as well as whether the exit to the financial markets will be “at any cost”.

The spokeswoman of Podemos, Carmen Lizárraga, after lamenting that the president of the Government, Pedro Sanchez, has ruled out the approval of a new model in this legislature, has criticized that “it leaves now with the bilateral history, with a rain of million that do not go to solve the structural problem of financing common system communities. “

On the draft Budget of Andalusia for 2019, has underlined the willingness to dialogue of Podemos after considering that “the chosen path, the partner chosen in these three years to take forward budgets, is not appropriate.”

Yes has agreed that without knowing the data of deliveries on account can not develop a “rigorous” budget, although he has confessed that his feeling is that “what is behind this change (in terms) is that they do not have a pact with Citizens closed because there is no money to make more tax rebates. “

The spokesman for Citizens, Carlos Hernandez, has focused his speech on the negotiation of the Budget project to underline that “there is nothing that prevents” the dialogue with political groups from being opened.

“Neither last year was known the cost ceiling,” said Hernandez, who has advocated advancing the dialogue and, after emphasizing that orange training “is on the side of stability,” stressed that to reach an agreement you have to “take more steps” in the reduction of taxes.

IU spokeswoman, Elena Cortés, has called “fiasco” the decision not to address the reform in this term, which has been considered “tremendously damaging” for Andalusia.

“It is an absolutely disappointing decision,” said Cortés, who at another point in his speech criticized the “fiscal regressivity” in Andalusia.

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